Holidays to Crete

The start of European civilisation, come to Chania, Heraklion and live like a true Minoan.

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Crete Greece is the biggest island in Greece and one of the biggest islands in the Mediterranean. Boasting one of the most beautiful natural landscapes you’ve ever seen, Crete island offers views and experiences galore! To start with, Crete beaches are out of this world. Surrounded by verdant nature, they have magical waters covering all the shades of blue and sugar-fine sand. Balos beach, Vai beach, and Elafonisi beach are some of the most scenic Crete beaches. Lay under the sun, feel the water gently lapping at your feet, gaze out to the endless sea, take a dip into the paradise waters… Visiting the best beaches in Crete is a bucket list experience! Crete has a rich history and culture. You’ll have the first taste of its historical past just by wandering in the Chania town. Strolling around, you’ll come across noble mansions, Venetian fortresses, museums, fountains and churches, that ooze a unique charm. But, to dive even deeper into the island’s history, Knossos Palace, Phaistos Palace, and Spinalonga islet are the must-see places in Crete.

Are you a thrill-seeker? There’s a whole heap of things to do in the nature of Crete! Dramatic gorges, such as the famous Samaria gorge, trekking routes and water sports will keep your adrenaline levels high, during your Crete holidays!

And what can we say about the food? Local gastronomy is popular not only in Greece but also in the whole world. The flourishing culinary scene of Crete island is based on fresh, locally produced ingredients that are used by talented local chefs to create the most luscious traditional dishes.

It’s time to put Crete Greece on your bucket list!

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