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Making travel more sustainable one step at a time.

#wingsforwings is an exclusive (and hopefully not exclusive for long) campaign to try to improve the travel conditions on the environment. As a result of deforestation and global warming many rare and endangered creatures are becoming close to extinct with the 40% of the bird population and 1 in 8 species considered "endangered" with logging being responsible for half of the endangered species around the world.

Closer to home species such as the Atlantic Puffin, Snowy owl are all listed as vulnerable due to increased hunting and rising temperatures. Although it is not exclusively travel that has affected these numbers a passenger round trip to Alicante from Manchester (2h 50 mins)

produces over half a ton of CO2. To put in perspective that is 1 tree that is required to be planted. With any holiday abroad you book with us we will purchase 1 tree for every hour booked on your flight in order to compensate for other passengers on your flight in our attempt to be as sustainable as possible. (in the instance above 6 trees allowing for up to 3 tons of carbon to be classed as neutral).

This will help preserve the habitat of birds all over the world including those who have suffered severe deforestation. The campaign #wingsforwings is to raise awareness about this issue and to use your planes wings to save the birds as the sky is both our and their home. It is hoped that travel companies adopt a similar approach in the future.

Helping developing communities

Similarly as a result of deforestation a lot of local life in developing countries. Local trees in

developing countries help run the rain away from the soil and control a countries humidity avoiding extreme weather conditions such as flash flooding, drought and regulating water supplies. This is done when the trees keep hold of the water via humidity and then release it into the air to form rainclouds causing fresh water supply to those in need. With the rain comes an increase in local crops and local businesses.

Local Communities

Mediterranean Prestige aims to be as sustainable as possible to make travelling benefit everybody and will never forget where they have come from. Where possible we aim to take part in local conservation projects to improve the wildlife in mainland UK and the Highlands. Smaller local volunteer projects in the North West are also welcomed. Similarly, all customers from Mediterranean Prestige have the option to double the amount of trees that their journey will take on booking as an optional extra further contributing to this.

At the end of the year the amount of trees from completed trips will be added up and donated along with a post to explain how many we have donated and how this has helped them. Volunteer work will take place throughout the year to assist where possible.

Lets work together and make travel green and beneficial to all!

How does it work?

The concept is very simple, when you travel abroad for every hour you are on a flight we will plant 1 tree at the end of the year. So for example if you were to fly:

MAN - ALC roughly 2h 50 mins, as a return trip would plant 4 trees

MAN - AMS roughly 1 hour flight as a return would plant 2 trees

MAN - LAX roughly 13h 50 mins as a return trip would plant 26 trees

MAN - SYD roughly 23h flight would plant a whopping 46 trees (that's a small forest in 1 holiday)

Furthermore on request at a cost of £2 per tree we can add it to your final bill and DOUBLE the amount planted.

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