Knowledge For the Savvy Traveler

Holidays are all about fun and at Mediterranean Prestige we always want our customers to have the experience of a lifetime. These are our best tips to ensure a pleasant stay abroad:

- Buy travellers insurance

Even if your European Health insurance card (EHIC) is still valid this will only cover public hospitals on most occasions. When you require an ambulance it is common to go to the nearest hospital which in tourists resorts are often privately owned which can leave a hefty bill. Make sure you are covered for care within a private hospital when insuring as certain places may not have access to a public hospital or have poorer quality hospitals than how you would normally expect.

- Check local visa requirements

In the EU at present, it is not required to have a visa to stay on holiday however certain countries must have a valid visa on arrival (such as the USA) in order to stay. It is also common to have a "Tourist Visa" in certain countries where it is permitted to pay the one-off cost (such as in the Dominican Republic).


- Keep paper copies of your travel documents and passport in a safe place


This is recommended at all times, as you may go through an area during your travels just once (e.g. security) if you lose your passport or phone, at least you will have spare to continue your journey. 

- Check the restrictions and prohibited lists of the airlines

Start your holiday on the right foot by complying with the airline's rules and regulations on your luggage. Failure to do so can cause a substantial fine which unless paid may prevent you from flying. This is especially strict on budget airlines rather than flag carriers. It is always recommended to weigh your suitcase and measure with a tape measure prior to going to the airport.

- Prepare a "Medical Pack"

We would just like to confirm by the "Medical pack" can prepare you for small incidents that may affect your holiday. Simple pharmacy products that are relatively cheap in the UK may be considerably more expensive in Europe. Items including; Ibuprofen, Mosquito spray/bands, Plasters, Aftersun, Sunburn relief, Diahorrea relief, Indigestion relief, Heartburn relief, Dehydration tablet and any form of small illness/health issues that could potentially arise whilst being abroad. Ensure to have this packed into your suitcase or in a clear plastic bag to avoid losing this from security.

- Don't forget your travel adapter!

Travel adapters are essential to your holidays, especially when your documents are electronic. It is recommended to purchase a few travel adapters or use an extension with one travel adapter.

These are a few of the tips we recommend to stay safe and enjoy your holiday.

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