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Mediterranean Prestige VVIP Card

Welcome to our Prestige VVIP club, naturally, you were always our VIP however those in our exclusive discount club are all hand-selected and treated with the highest priority as a means to thank you for your custom and supporting an independent travel agency.  

Here is how you can benefit from this small but powerful card:

- Potential further discounts of UNLIMITED future booked holidays (including friends and family) up until the expiry date.

- Priority email responses and call back requests

-  Have your holiday and landscape photos listed on social media pages

- Free review on expiration to have the card renewed

- Free cancellation and opt-out service at any time.

As a VVIP we want to make this as easy as possible for you to use the card which it is recommended when you call to quote the code before we find the quote and from there we can see the standard selling price and the VVIP price. Similarly, if you wish to contact us please use your code when requesting a quote and we will be in touch with the best price. (*prices subject to short notice change depending on the service provider so it is recommended to call and book to secure the price as soon as possible, more in the T & C's below)

How to use your VVIP Card:

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VVIP Card Terms and Conditions

The following Terms are related to those who have obtained a VVIP black and gold card within their welcome packages.

1) Criteria

In order to be a VVIP it is required to be a high spender with several successful bookings (and travelled successfully) of the following criteria:

1) To obtain the VVIP card the lead booking would either have booked at least 4 package tours at least £500 in total each year OR have at least 2 x £1,000 package tours booked OR 1 x £2,000+ holiday booked. (all excl. VAT), OR to have at least £2,000 worth of referred packages (defined as packages not booked with the email associated with the order and done via separate emails) this will only apply to 1 card and multiple cards will not be given further. 

2) To book this amount of package tours within the time period of the expiry date listed on the card, any forwarding balance or discounts will be discontinued after the card has expired. 

2.0) Expiration

All cards will be listed and imported into an external system with their date on, all orders must be completed prior to this date in order to continue to have any quoted discounts. There will be no notice given and it is required to keep an eye on the date. On expiration, the code will no longer be valid and should the above criteria not be fulfilled the management reserves the rights to nullify any previous quotes and refuse any further discounts.

3.0) Usage of the card

3.1 Personal usage of the card

In order to become a VVIP, the customer must also have an email address to contact on, when requesting a quote you must use the code to request any further discounts along with any data protection questions required for security including and not limited to: the email address used, the amount paid for their last vacation, the destination of the last vacation and address of the previous payee. There is no limit on how many times this can be used for personal gain up until the expiry period. Any packages and services purchased with "Mediterranean Prestige" will be added to the criteria once the card has expired.

3.2 Referrals or "Friends and Family" 

If you wish to use your card on friends and family they must also quote their email address and the email address from the cardholder, This VVIP criteria amount will be added to the cardholders amounts for the next criteria and NOT for the new customer unless a change has been requested by the cardholder. You may use this card as many times as you like prior to the expiration date. 

3.3 Multiple VVIP cards

If you refer someone who already has a VVIP card the amount will be added to the purchaser's account. It is not possible to combine two or more cards to make a further discount.

3.4 Right to remove and disable the card

The customer has the right to revoke their VVIP card at any moment with a written email or a call. The management can also revoke any VVIP cards should there be any suspicion of abuse or fraud when using the card. If a card has been forged or similar the management reserve the right to refuse service.

4.0 Managements rights

The management has the right to change the Terms and conditions without notice for the use of the VVIP card, discounts are flexible and not fixed and will vary from service to service, any discounted prices are correct at the time of mentioning and subject to change should the customer not wish to pursue at the time of the quote the management reserve the right to change the price at any time prior to booking. The management also has the right to cancel cards and refuse service at any time without notice and without reason. VVIP cards may also be pulled at any time if the service is deemed no longer suitable for the business. The card is at the sole discretion of the management and an advisory card with the complete flexibility of the card available to the management this is not limited to: Discounts offered, Expiry dates, Name changes, Email changes and any information surrounding the card.

5.0 Legal action

By using the VVIP card you agree that it will be treated to a separate additional service to any other service purchased through Mediterranean Prestige (or and as a result, there are no legal rights to the usage of this card, you waive the right to pursue any form of legal actions on this card. If legal matters are pursued on the VVIP card (this does not include packages booked with any discounts relating to this) it will be done at the cardholder's cost and dismissed immediately. You cannot claim on the service of the VVIP card or similar. This does not affect your legal rights with Mediterranean Prestige and is treated as a "loyalty card"

6.0 Agreement

The card is in an "Idel" mode until the customer contacts and quotes the code on their card and won't be activated until then. Once expired it will be deactivated and can be reactivated should the criteria be met again or at the management discretion. By quoting the code on the card when making an enquiry you agree to the above terms and conditions. (Dated 12/04/2021)